Congratulations to our Impact Awards Winners!

Celebrating the best in Hamilton Community TV, the Cable 14 Impact Awards can now be viewed on 


Outstanding Entertainment Program
Excellence in a program whose primary focus is to entertain. Examples include music, comedy, variety or events. 

  • Local Television: Then. Now. Always. 
  • Backstage Pass
  • Ensemble! - Winner
  • Chico and the Boys
  • Hammer D20


Outstanding Sports Event Coverage 
Excellence in a program or series covering local sports.

  • Hamilton Wrestling Entertainment
  • The OHL Tonight - Winner
  • Allan Cup Hockey


Outstanding Non Sports Event Coverage 
Excellence in a live-to-air program that is not coverage of a sporting event.

  • LiON’s Lair - Winner
  • Federal Election Coverage
  • Remembrance Day


Outstanding Lifestyle Program
Excellence in programing that feature special interests, or is meant to inform or educate the community. Community programs, news and food would fall into this category. 

  • Police Watch
  • Business Wellness
  • Just Ask Bob
  • Hamilton Eats - Winner
  • City Matters


Community Impact Award [program or series]
Excellence in a program or series that directly impacts and improves the Hamilton community. 

  • Living Well When There is No Cure
  • Vital Signs - Winner
  • Police Watch
  • O Show
  • Above & Beyond


Outstanding Promotion
Excellence in a promo or campaign that brought Cable 14 programming to the community's attention. 

  • Ensemble!
  • Debates/Election
  • Hamilton Wrestling Entertainment - Winner
  • Cable 14's 50th Anniversary
  • City Matters


Person of Excellence [staff]
Recognizing a person who goes above and beyond to help Cable 14 programs, crew and staff. A Team player who makes Cable 14 Better. 

  • Bill Meems
  • Rihab Dawoud - Winner
  • Harmony McKenzie

Outstanding On-Air Performance 
Excellence in hosting, interviewing or commentating from a Cable 14 Host or Community Producer. 

  • Mike Fortune - Winner
  • Celeste Licorish
  • Larry Di Ianni


Outstanding Production Skills in a Crew Member [non-staff]

Excellence in, or great improvement in studio or Mobile Production Skills such as camera, audio, graphics, switcher, etc. 

  • Tyler Scobie
  • Joey Foster
  • Emma Russell - Winner


Outstanding Behind the Scenes Skills in a Crew Member [non-staff]
Excellence in, or great improvement in pre or post production skills such as editing, graphic creation, EFP or chase producing. 

  • Adam Culp - Winner
  • Amanda Pope
  • Stevan Sobot

Outstanding Attitude in a Crew Member [non-staff]
Recognizing an individual who improves the quality and morale of the production environment through attitude and teamwork. 

  • Paige Whitehouse
  • Peter Gill
  • The Twins (Emma & Emily) - Winner


Outstanding Community Advocate [Community Member]
Recognizing a community member or partner who helps to promote and present Cable 14 as an asset to the greater community. 

  • Lisa Gaudet
  • Nathan Fleet - Winner
  • Anthony Frisina

Outstanding Program in its Inaugural Season [Program]
Recognizing excellence in a show that started recording and airing during the 2019-2020 programming season. 

  • Hammer D20 - Winner
  • Backstage Pass
  • Strong for You


Outstanding Dedication in Production  
Special Award. 


  • Page Whitehouse - Winner


General Manager's Award
Special Award. 


  • Mike Fortune - Winner